Thursday, June 28, 2007


(Our two little dinosaurs)

6/28: We stumbled upon this Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park just on the outskirts of Colorado Springs despite it not being an official location on the Wade Slome agenda. Nevertheless, it earned a top approval rating on the Whitney & Hayley satisfaction gauge (Mom & Dad too). Contributing to the kids’ entertainment value was the fossil excavation activity and dinosaur book story time.

Interestingly, over forty different types of dinosaurs have been discovered in Colorado, including one of the earliest on record in the U.S. over 130 years ago. Colorado is also home to five major dinosaur museums including this one.

Unlike Robin, I was not a History major and museums like this help me appreciate what temporary tourists us humans have been on this planet. If you believe that the ‘Big Bang’ happened 14 billion years ago, and dinosaurs were here a few hundred million years ago, then it makes the last 200 thousand years of modern human existence feel like an insignificant blurb or headline in the whole scheme of things. Alrighty then, so there is my philosophical soliloquy.

(T-Rex ancestor [Albertosaurus] chomping on an Edmontosaurus)

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