Sunday, July 1, 2007


Guzzzle-meter: $2,527.48 final total. Maybe next time we do an RV trip, the Beast will be running off of vegetable oil or buffalo chips in which case I’ll just lose an arm (not both arm & leg). I never thought those annoying 6th grade math, word-problems would come in handy until now. Without Mr. Beddahl’s tutelage, I would not have been able to answer the following question: “ If the Slome family spent a total of $2,527.48 on gasoline with an average price of $3.25 per gallon, then what type of gas mileage (Miles Per Gallon) did they get on there 5,048 mile Slome Adventure?” ANSWER: 6.5 Miles Per Gallon (uggh!)

Patch-Meter: Unfortunately, I have to face the music…with a razor. The “Soul Patch” didn’t progress as expected, but I remain steadfast that given more time the patch could have blossomed into something very special (next time I won’t wait until day twelve to start my growth).

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